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Welcome To My Home Page
Hey everyone, this is a website dedicated to skateboarding, There will be a lot of stuff on here in a few days, but I'm just starting to make it so bear with me. Only skateboarders are allowed here, Lol, J/k, everyones welcome. And just to let you know, this website builder sux, so i have a lot of stuff on my other web site. which is
Listing Site Updates
Well some of the first thing im gonna put on here, is some trick tips, all the tricks you can think of I'll have on here. Im going to have a lot of pics, of pro skaters, and eventually some of me doing some tricks, Im going to put a few short videos on here for trick tips so you can see them not just read them. NE ways, Tell me more stuff to put on here as i go.

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Nothin Just yet.

Hey this is just a cool picture, Im not gonna Teach your dog how to skateboard, Especially with an old school

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